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Monitor anything. Alert anyone.

2 Steps provides comprehensive synthetic monitoring capabilities for a wide range of platforms and applications, including Citrix, Windows, Mainframe, Azure, Web, Splunk, VMWare, and applications using 2FA. Our innovative solution allows businesses to monitor performance, receive instant alerts, and address root cause issues before they impact end users. With 2 Steps, you can build higher-quality tests in minutes, not hours, ensuring your business stays ahead of performance issues across user interactions by establishing baseline metrics that benchmark actual users.

Customers and Partners

Goliath Technologies
Transport for NSW
SA Health
Brisbane City Council
NSW Health
Target Minds
4Data Solutions

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Anticipate Problems with a Comprehensive Monitoring System

Our 2 Steps visual recognition technology detects application performance issues before they impact your business. By providing real-time observability and monitoring, 2 Steps ensures that enterprises of all sizes can proactively manage and optimize application performance monitoring.

What Our Customers Say

Transport NSW

We chose to work with 2 Steps due to its tight integration with Splunk and flexibility to work with a variety of platforms.

Transport Service Senior Manager (Senior Solutions Architect)

Reduce Costs

Accelerate Resolution Time


The average cost of IT downtime

2h 59m

The average time for end users waiting for resolution

Benefits of 2 Steps

Proactive Monitoring: Anticipate problems with application performance data that shows you what your users are experiencing. Fix issues before they impact your users and your business.

Real-Time Notifications: Receive instant alerts when problems occur, allowing for quick resolution and minimal disruption.

End-User Experience: Use video replays of performance issues to understand what your end users are seeing on their screens, and troubleshoot faster.

Scalability: 2 Steps can be deployed in a "hub and spoke" architecture model, scaling effectively across geographic locations.

Build A Diverse Set of Use Cases in Minutes

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Synthetic Monitoring Solutions: Monitor various applications and platforms with our synthetic monitoring tools. Whether it's a SaaS application, on-premises software, or cloud-based services, 2 Steps has you covered.

API Tests: Our platform supports robust API tests, allowing you to monitor and validate your endpoints' performance and functionality.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM): Track application performance, response times, and page load speeds to maintain high uptime and meet SLAs.

VDI Monitoring: Citrix Monitoring, Azure Monitoring whatever your using for a DaaS platform, 2 Steps can monitor your virtualised applications.

Browser Monitoring: Conduct browser tests to monitor web performance and ensure optimal website performance.

Synthetic Monitoring Work: Utilize synthetic monitoring to simulate user actions and interactions, providing a comprehensive view of application performance.

DNS Monitoring: Ensure your Domain Name System (DNS) services are functioning correctly to avoid website accessibility issues.

CDN Monitoring: Track the performance of your Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure fast and reliable content delivery to users.

SSL Monitoring: Monitor the status of your SSL certificates to ensure secure communications and avoid expiration-related issues.

Any Application. Any Platform.


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2 Steps is a Citrix Ready Partner providing valuable synthetic monitoring capabilities for applications being accessed via Citrix.

Director Ecosystem & Technology Partner Programs

2 Steps Features (that other synthetic monitoring vendors wish they had)

Install on-prem or in the cloud

Image depicting on-premis or cloud

To maintain control over your data, you can choose where to install 2 Steps, whether in a public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises.

Your performance data remains yours, always. There’s no phone-in or phone home with 2 Steps, so you view and control your data— sovereignty intact.

Video replays of performance issues

Abstract Image depicting video replay

Understand and resolve issues faster with instant video replays of end-user experiences. Use the video replays to check that your users are back up and running at different locations—there is no need for lengthy phone check-ins.

End-user experience for remote locations

Abstract Image depicting remote UI

2 Steps can be deployed in a "hub and spoke" architecture model and scales effectively. Install the main 2 Steps server at your central location, and connect secondary servers remotely. This lets you pinpoint performance issues wherever they happen.

Automate workflows on "automation proof" applications

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Automate synthetic monitoring on "automation proof" applications, including Windows and Citrix. 2 Steps can also OCR screens, inject custom scripts into workflows, handle complex if and loop statements, and more.

Robot-generated 2FA codes for every test run

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The rise of cyber threat actors requires applications to implement 2FA. 2 Steps can automate a workflow requiring 2FA through authentication apps or one-time pins via SMS.

Splunk integration or push data anywhere

Abstract Image depicting SPLUNK integration

Native integration with Splunk for comprehensive observability and monitoring. You can even view video replays of issues directly in Splunk.

For non-Splunk users, our 2 Steps StandAlone version has no Splunk dependencies. You can push performance metrics to any host data lake and chart end-user experience data in your chosen visualisation tool with OTEL.

Integrate with any alerting platform

Abstract Image depicting integrating with any alerting platform

Integrate with platforms like Service Now and PagerDuty, and send customizable alerts via email, SMS, or Slack.

The 2 Steps Integration Process


Our team ensure implementations comply with your requirements


Automate end-user journeys emulating real-world scenarios


Fine-tune the tests that have been running on your applications


Configure synthetic test schedules and performance alerts

Partner with 2 Steps

Partner with 2 Steps to grow your revenue within the $4b synthetic monitoring market. Our commitment to excellence and innovation integrates seamlessly with your services, enhancing your ability to offer robust monitoring solutions for businesses in the digital age.


"SMT's research led us to partner with 2 Steps. Their commitment to excellence and innovation integrates seamlessly with our services, enhancing our ability to offer robust monitoring solutions for businesses in the digital age.

At SMT, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations through partnerships. Working with 2 Steps strengthens our leadership position, enriching our portfolio with advanced solutions. Together, we're reshaping monitoring, setting new standards, and empowering businesses to succeed in today's IT landscape."

Ralf van der Eerden
Chief Commercial Officer

Try 2 Steps

Experience the benefits of 2 Steps for yourself. Build, run, and maintain tests fast, with full automation across your entire enterprise and customer applications. Simply point & click—no need for code, scripts, or agents with our no-code platform performing active monitoring.

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