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Synthetic Monitoring

Alternative to Selenium synthetic browser monitoring in Splunk

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2 Steps combines synthetic monitoring with the real-time user monitoring of Splunk. This powerful merge provides your business with a fully-featured IT monitoring system. Splunk's exceptional machine learning capabilities can build on the datasets you create in order to provide your support team with powerful insights. Through hard work and the implementation of 2 Steps, your team will be able to find and resolve issues faster.

So, there you have it. 2 Steps offers industry professionals a true alternative to Selenium synthetic monitoring. It works with anything, which means wider support; real-time video playback of issues also translates to richer and more useful data; implementation is a breeze thanks to the #NoCode setup of automated workflows; and deeper integration can be achieved in order to get closer to a Splunk AI Ops business.

Other alternatives to Selenium

If you think 2 Steps is not the right fit for your company, you can also check these other contenders to Selenium:

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio works across all platforms to test desktop, mobile, API, and Web solutions. It is built on Appium and Selenium frameworks and removes the technical complexities that make it hard for non-developer users to use these platforms. It helps users create, set up, run, manage and report on their automated tests effectively and efficiently.


It provides automation testing through easy-to-use commands available as a web interface. Subject7 removes the complexities of test creation associated with Selenium.


This tool tests web, mobile, desktop, and API Apps.


It is a web App testing tool. It is more aligned to current developing practices.


Protractor is an end-to-end (E2E) web App testing tool available on an open-source basis. It builds on Selenium WebDriver features. However, it is only available for JavaScript programming language that users must know.

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