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Synthetic Monitoring
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The benefits of anyone being able to build synthetic tests

Pattern Background

Many businesses in the current market have integrated both DevOps and agile to stay ahead of the competition. A recent report showed that 97% of companies have now shifted to using agile development methods. By implementing the two concepts, businesses achieve higher customer satisfaction levels and more brand loyalty. One element that makes it possible to achieve these goals is process automation. Process automation has become more of a necessity even in small and medium enterprises as they seek to develop efficient e-commerce operations.


With the 2 Steps automation, you don't need a specific professional or a particular team to build tests. As such, you won't have to encounter downtime, and you'll save money and time while using little or no resources. 


Read on as we discuss other benefits that you are bound to enjoy. 


Technical Resources are no Longer Required

In most monitoring solutions you will encounter, you will have to go through lengthy coding or scripting processes. All these need resources and time, not forgetting the internal and external struggles you will endure. Yet, every company is looking for the most effective ways to reduce their inputs to boost their profit levels. If you don't find a solution to cut on the time and resources, your competitors will soon push you out of business.


Still, note that your dev team has the responsibility of working on several projects. However, you will find yourself interrupting your dev team to make some quick tests in your app. While pulling developers from these projects, you will also derail the progress of urgent projects. In a recent survey, 23% of project managers say it's difficult to find the right talent for these critical roles. Therefore, you can't afford to get part of your critical talent that works on important projects to make app monitoring tests. Using the 2 Steps, you don't have to get someone to do the coding processes. 


Instead, you just need to click through the site or the app, and the system does everything for you. Even with complex UX flows, the automation is intelligent, sophisticated, and rapid enough. You will also get results much faster, without any coding requirements. Therefore, you can now concentrate all essential resources on that time-critical project. 


Replicate Customer Issues on the Fly

Ensuring that clients are happy is a vital goal for any business. DevOps does not only make things easier for your team, but it also enables your staff to serve customers more efficiently. You don't have to wait until bugs and issues reach the final stages, resulting in a bad experience for the clients' end user. 


Using 2 Steps codeless automation, you simply need to run some unit tests for extensive code tests. This way, you will detect bugs early, when it's easier to fix them, and their impact is also relatively minimal. As a result, you will have reduced the time spent resolving customer's issues later in the pipeline.


Speed/Agility for DevOps Practices

Due to the enabled test coverage, automated testing ensures that your app delivers quality and performance. Generally, you will find that many dev teams prefer to do the testing as the last thing as they put all their focus on app creation. Once everything is complete, the testing team does the final touches. However, this may lead to inconsistencies in the final product, and in some cases, the dev team has to make extra changes leading to time wastage.


Using the 2 Steps automated agentless monitoring, one team will not have to work on a particular area then shift other responsibilities to a different team. The 2 Steps system allows you to run multiple automated tests simultaneously, so your dev team has time to respond to any emerging incidences, which makes delivery continuous. Even better, you can quickly create various test cases, including those that may seem a bit lengthy and complex. You can never achieve this if you are still relying on manual apps to do your tests. 


Faster Development and Delivery

With test automation, you save a considerable amount of time. You don't have to wait for a specific person or the dev team to make tests since automation makes test completion more rapid. Still, you no longer have to wait for weeks to do a repeat of the tests. In just a few hours, you can execute the test again. The faster rate of test execution helps increase the speed of development. 


By speeding up the testing procedure, you will enjoy the following advantages:


●     Faster updates and changes to the app

●     Frequent releases

●     Shorter software development cycle

Instant Feedback

An easy to use monitoring framework also accelerates test case executions. As a result, you can reduce the feedback cycle, which facilitates faster validation for phases within the product development. Also, with faster test execution, senior IT operations officers get testing reports swiftly, making it easier to react quickly to any failures. You don't have to go through the lengthy process to decipher a code used three weeks ago while sorting out the emerging errors since this system allows for codeless monitoring.


Note that getting immediate feedback is essential, especially once your product is on the market. In case you need to fix some bugs, manual testing will only derail the process. With codeless monitoring, you can get quick updates to your application. That Said, automated testing facilitates high team responsiveness, higher client satisfaction, and better user experience.


Want to Experience Automation?

If you strive towards becoming an agile company and want to improve your customer satisfaction levels, it's time to adopt the 2 Steps tests. This way, you can further streamline your organization's operations, improve the quality of services, increase efficiency, and save money. The most significant advantage is that you don't need a dedicated team to help you achieve these goals since anyone can maneuver through the system with little to no resources required.


We can help you automate across your business to enjoy the above benefits. Feel free to contact us for more details about our easy to use monitoring system.

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