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Watch the 2 Steps presentation at the Citrix User Group - CUGXL Melbourne.

Monitoring the impossible

In today’s hyper-connected world, where almost everyone is a consumer of user interfaces for various applications, providing a good Customer Experience (CX) is critical. Application reliability and responsiveness are critical aspects of this experience and the ability to monitor user transactions is paramount to prevent outages.

This eBook uncovers the importance of a comprehensive monitoring solution. 

Applying Synthetic Monitoring Across Virtual Desktop Environments

More than ever, employee productivity and customer satisfaction depend on the quality of the end-user experience. Problems such as poor application performance, unexpected downtime, and unintuitive navigation can quickly leave employees unable to do their work and customers unable to get the value they expect from your business. Together, these issues directly and negatively impact the organisation’s bottom line.

Accelerate your end-user experience awareness across all platforms with this whitepaper.

How financial institutions can enhance end-user experience

In recent years, the need for financial institutions to offer digital services has become critical. As customers embrace digital options, their expectations around reliability are increasing.

Understand what the costs are of downtime and discover end-user experience best practices in this eBook

Why Do Enterprises Need Synthetic Monitoring

The demand for Synthetic Monitoring is rising as organisations realise that Real User Monitoring alone is not the solution. Concurrently, Selenium-based solutions are limited to web applications, where, in reality, most enterprises have a hybrid IT environment.

This guide discusses the importance of Synthetic Monitoring and why it is a critical element of Observability.

2 Steps presentation at CUGXL

Watch 2 Steps CEO & Co-Founder Simon Trilsbach present at CUGXL in Melbourne, sharing how 2 Steps can monitor end-user experience on Citrix virtualised applications.

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