Synthetic Monitoring for Mainframe

Synthetic monitoring for mission-critical mainframe applications. Deploy end-user experience in minutes with 2 Steps and no code automation.

No code

Build synthetic monitoring transactions using simple point, click and keyboard instructions.

Special keys

Automate workflows in your business-critical Mainframe applications using function keys

Any location

Deploy monitoring nodes at any geographical location. Know of issues before your users.

Video replay

Not just screenshots of performance issues but video replays of what your users are experiencing.

2 Steps and mainframe

Discover how 2 Steps reinvented synthetic monitoring for mainframe and other enterprise technology platforms. No coding, no scripting, no worries.

Try 2 Steps in your environment

Work alongside the 2 Steps team to see how end-user experience monitoring can provide valuable application performance insights.


“We were amazed by getting value from 2 Steps so rapidly. The implementation was fast and it was easy to use without any previous expertise in building user transactions.”

Alejandro Marzullo
Systems Analyst
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